Schmap Player

The Schmap Player is a small and easy-to-use piece of freeware. Install it on your Windows PC, select from our growing range of interactive Schmap Guides and then... get Schmapping!

The Schmap Player dynamically integrates maps, photos, reviews and online content, giving you complete freedom to explore. Search the city, a neighborhood, or within a radius of your hotel - find sights of interest, restaurants to match your taste. Play, pause and fast-forward your way through one of our suggested tours, or your own custom selection of places of interest.

Take your bookmarked places or any other selection of guide content, then custom print a full-color guide, with maps, photos, reviews etc. Email a favorite place, explore with our cool map tools, click online for user reviews, web search, and driving directions.

Schmap Player


Schmap Player 2.0